PayDay Update

[11.08.2016] „PayDay Update“

-Changed refund amount to 75%. (was 50%)

-Decreased payout cycle to 120 seconds. (was 180 seconds)

-Changed multiplicators:

Stage 0: 1-5 Players (x1)

Stage 1: 6-8 Players (x2)

Stage 2: 9-11 Players (x3)

Stage 3: 12-15 Players (x4)

Stage 4: 16-19 Players (x5)

Stage 5: 20-24 Players (x6)

Stage 6: 25-29 Players (x7)

Stage 7: 30+ Players (x10)

New Update [06.08.2016]

Todays update introduces a new gameserver running reprise, also featuring a new playerskin which is currently exclusive to buddster. To compensate, you can now purchase his „old“ Neptune for cheap 1.333.337 Credits!


-Introduced new 24/7 server „Reprise“

-Added new Playerskin „Ruby“ from the show „RWBY“, as buddy exclusive skin.

-Neptune is now purchaseable for 1.333.337 Credits.

-Nepgear price reduced to 1.000.000 Credits (was 1.333.337 Credits)

-Added a notice in the Ingame-Chat to promote the Discord.